How to Switch Into Tea If You are Trying to Be Less Addicted to Coffee

Thinking about giving your coffee addiction a break? Find out how you can switch into tea and how it can help you.

In an aim to give coffee people a break from their coffee addition, here are some useful tips on how switch from coffee to tea.

For beginners

Experts advise total beginners to start from a black tea blend like something with Earl Grey in it since it has some familiar flavors such as bergamot, which gives a real calming effect.

Meanwhile, if you are a dim sum lover, of course Chinese restaurants are your best place to go where Jasmine pearls are commonly served, so this could also be your natural favorite. Linking a certain flavor of tea to familiar foods can be a good way to embrace the habit of drinking tea according to expert. The floral, soft and sweet jasmine pearls are perfect entry into the world of tea.

Also, milk oolongs can make a big impression most particularly on coffee drinkers who don’t know much about teas. Oolongs are a tea variety somewhere between green and black tea, can be woody or sweet in taste. This type of tea can be quite enticing to first-time tea drinkers.

For die hard coffee overs

Some coffee addicts revealed that Chai tea had been their best escape into tea. A taste of dairy can be a recovering coffee drinker’s best option when they are trying to get used to various types of tea, as it triggers familiar feelings of adding creamer. As far as tea goes, Chai tea actually has the most caffeine. It is about half as much as a cup of coffee. Also, Assam Tea is a good option if you are seeking high-caffeinated tea options.

For the trend hopper

Recently, Matcha has been taking the spotlight and experts are likewise recommending it for those who are both into caffeine and Instagrammable healthy beverages. However, if you are making matcha on your own, be sure not to use boiling water since burnt matcha will absolutely turn you off.

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