Can Adding Lemon to my Black Tea Help Me Lose Weight?

For several reasons, black tea can contribute to your weight loss program as long as you drink it without sugar but a squeeze of lemon to make it easier for you to drink your unsweetened tea.

Although dinking black tea is an inexpensive and effective weight loss supplement, for some, its taste can be hard to appreciate. Thus, a squeeze of lemon is oftentimes added to black tea to add flavor and make it easier to drink, without adding so many calories that it actually ruins your weight loss efforts.

Black Tea

Black tea is a true tea which means it is genuinely made from the leaves of the Camelia sinensis plant. The process of making black tea allows the picked leaves to ferment in open air for a certain period of time before drying and curing and your tea leaves will be ready for steeping in boiling water for about five minutes. You can enjoy it either hot or cold.

Caffeine in Black Tea

The caffeine in black tea is a stimulant which drives the body to be more active and boost its metabolism so that the body can in turn burn more calories min all activities. Caffeine can also help suppress your appetite. Therefore, black tea’s caffeine content can significantly help you lose weight by stimulating your body to burn more calories while at the same time getting you to eat lesser calories. The good thing here is since lemon juice doesn’t in any way interfere with the body’s caffeine absorption, the same will not reduce such stimulating effect.

Diuretic Effects

Since caffeine is a stimulant and a diuretic as well, it can likewise stimulate the body to urinate more often and in greater amounts. Eventually, the same can lead the body to water weight loss, which makes a good difference on your bathroom scale. In addition, studies have also found out that lemon is also a diuretic. However, water weight loss is just temporary and your healthy level of hydration can still be easily restored.


Catechins are micronutrients abundant in black tea. Previous studies revealed that catechins interfere with the ability of the body to absorb fat. Any process that involves in blocking the body’s absorption of calories can significantly contribute to weight loss. Meanwhile, no study has been conducted regarding the effect of lemon on this blocking process.

Zero calories

In a recently published article for CNN, a report claimed that drinking zero-calorie beverage before each meal can surprisingly influence your body to reduce your food portions just enough to lose at least more than a pound per month. According to USDA nutrition database, unsweetened black tea is a zero-calorie beverage, while lemon juice only contains 8 calorie. Although a squeeze of lemon would not totally make your tea a zero-calorie drink, it is still not enough to entirely derail the weight loss benefits that the tea can provide in terms of portion control.

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